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Advanced Tools & Features in Binary Options

Some binary options brokers offer you higher level attributes that traders may use for their improvement. But some traders may possibly find these confusing and actually feel that all of the higher level features which can be provided by a few brokers actually complicate matters more.

However, this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, it’s not true at all. All the advanced features in binary options trading, such as closing a position before the expiry, extending the expiry and more actually offer and improvement to traders.

On this page we’ll discuss all the advanced binary options tools so that you can use them to your improvement next time you trade. Understanding these tools will allow you to considerably develop your benefit margin in binary options trading.

Advanced Features in Binary Options

There are many advanced features in binary options and some of them might be unique to some brokers. On this page we’ll discuss the most common special features that are the options builder feature, the expiry extension feature, the close feature and the double investment feature.

Options Builder Feature

The options builder tool is one of the most popular tools in financial trading. This tool allows traders to conceive their own trading contracts. In other words, traders will have the possibility to choose their own expiry times, set their own investment amount and decide on their own payout rates.

Regular binary betting contracts always come with predefined payout rates, expiry times and other characteristics. This means that your usage of trading plan will be limited. However, if your broker has an options builder feature then you’ll be able to conceive your own options.

Close Options Before the Expiry

Another very useful tool is to close your trading contract before the time of the expiry. This function will be extremely useful in those situations when you know for sure that your prediction will not come true. In this case, you’ll have the possibility to close your options contract.

Closing your contract will allow you to recover some of the money invested back. How a lot of money you’ll be able to recover depends from broker to broker. Most commonly, you can recover in the middle 50% and 90% of your initial investment. – Much better than losing 100% of your investment.

Extend an Option’s Expiry Time

Yet another great feature in binary options is the possibility to extend the expiry time of a contract. This tool will come in handy in situations in where you’re very close to the original expiry and it appears that your prediction will not come true by the time of the expiry, however it would come true shortly after the expiry.

These are extremely annoying situations. Knowing that you will lose, however, if you’d have just 1 minute more on your disposal you’d win for sure is very frustrating. Some brokers have a remedy for this frustration, which is offering the possibility to extend the deadline of your option.

Most commonly, you’ll be able to extend the expiry of an option with 1 to 10 minutes. This is more than enough to make an accurate prediction. However, in exchange the broker will require you to place a new bet of around 10% to 30% of the original bet. – If you win, you will of course win 10% to 30% more than originally.

Double the Investment Amount

Some brokers also give traders the possibility to double their investment amount after financial trading contract has already been purchased. This tool gives traders the possibility to invest additional money in a binary options contract they are sure they will win.

In case a trader is sure that a purchased contract will be 100% successful, then it’s definitely advantageous to double the initial investment amount. This tool also allows traders to place very low investments initially and only develop the original investment amount to the originally intended amount when they are sure that the contract would be won.

Which are the Best Tools to Use?

In our opinion, all the tools that were described above are very advantageous to use. Every tool has its unique advantages. Initially we intended to rank these tools based on their usability but all of them are equally useful in their unique way.

The closing position tool allows traders to recover most of the money invested in an unsuccessful trade, while the double the investment feature allows traders to generate even larger benefits on trades that they think can be won with 100% certitude.

However, these tools should only be used responsively and when traders are 100% sure about the outcome of a contract. The doubling the investment feature offers the most opportunities to win more money but it also poses the most risks. In case traders’ forecast will actually prove to be fictitious, they then ‘ll lose 2 times as a lot of money as initially planned. However, if we want to generate a top list of their very useful features in binary options afterward perhaps the options builder feature will soon rank the greatest. This feature delivers a fantastic flexibility for traders, letting them conceive their particular expiry times, payout prices and investment sums.

If you want to develop into winning binary options trader subsequently don’t be afraid to use these features in case your broker offers them. Just make sure to use them only when you’re sure about what happens next regarding your option and the movement of the underlying share.

If you want to learn more about binary options trading and want to become a successful binary trader who is able to generate consistent benefits then read our additional educational and plan articles. Becoming a winning trader is a choice. – This choice begins by learning the basics that are described in our additional articles.