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Lexington Code Review The Usual Scam But British Themed

At the 11 minute long Lexington Code promotional movie, we’re initially introduced into Michael Lexington, among the founders of this Lexington Code.
In addition, he informs us that the computer software is so advanced in the previous nine months of working with the applications, none of his traders have left a losing transaction. This ‘s an astonishing 100% success rate!

Michael clarifies an unnamed company has only ‘supported ‘ the transactions made by Lexington code, also brandishes a official looking document in an envelope for evidence. Now he is going to choose the Lexington Code people, but he’s searching to get 25 beta testers for their new people server.
These beta testers will obviously be able to use and benefit in the software free of charge; others will need to pay the entire cost of $3,500 if it’s launched.
The movie shows Michael back in his Lexington Code workplaces together with Barry Storyk, his direct developer and fellow Boston University alumni.
Barry was so convinced in the program he turned down a job offer from SpaceX so as to keep growing the computer software.

Barry then describes how the program operates, which he predicts ‘binary choices using a spin ‘. Fundamentally, in a standard trading applications, the program would reveal a possible exchange for a specific dollar amount and also you as a dealer either have the choice to choose it or leave it.
Exactly what the Lexington Code program does nevertheless is when introducing a dealer with a possible trade, it really makes multiple smaller trades in trade for a greater fixed dollar sum. This raises a commerce ‘s profit possible.
The movie ends with Michael showing us different video reviews from Lexington Code users onto his notebook. In all of the reviews, the people today gush about how much money they’re earning from utilizing the Lexington Code applications and how thankful they are to Michael for your chance.
The Lexington Code movie is just another one of the high production binary choices robot promotional movies. Maybe too lots of the regional Portland celebrities are being acknowledged by inspection websites like this one, therefore they’ve opted to change places.

On account of how the founders of this movie have probably hired a regional London production firm, we’re unable to spot some of those celebrities involved with the movie. The movie testimonial givers, generally sourced from Fiverr, seem to be out of London since they speak with a British accent.
We all know this because they tell us (read another section of the article on the web site disclaimer).
Regardless of the high production values exhibited in the movie, by means of professional actors and leased luxury offices and cars there are a few foolish and amateurish mistakes made. Primarily, at no time does Michael Lexington inform us the title of this organization that’s supposedly certifying his firm. Shouldn’t be significant?
Secondly, the certification of authentication itself. If you see the certificate shown in the movie, you may clearly understand that the text is merely normal ‘placeholder template’ text also the ‘postage ‘ in the base of the certification is empty!
There’s also a laughable second from the movie when Michael pulls the certification from the envelope, and it’s only a blank piece of paper. The movie editors then shoddily Photoshop that the borders of the certification on the newspaper because he pulls it from the envelope. Very funny once you watch it. The Lexington Code Site
The Lexington Code site looks professional on the outside and features a number of testimonials. These reviews have a brief blurb about how amazing the Lexington Code is, in addition to their alleged date and their gains up to now. You can click a ‘Live Gains ‘ button and a popup will appear which allegedly shows you all of the lucrative trades that these individuals are creating.

Obviously, none of them are actual; the pictures used for the reviews are only stock photographs. What’s more, the FAQ on the site can also be inconsistent with all the claims in the movie, noting earnings of $850 to $3,250 per day instead.
We consistently encourage all traders that have obtained spammy links to the binary choices robot landing pages to see the site ‘s disclaimer. When there’s a truth to be found at the promises behind these binary choices bots, you’ll discover it there. And in the instance of this disclaimer about the Lexington Code site, the facts are shown.
“The lexingtoncode.com revenue movie is untrue and has been made to describe the capacity of this lexingtoncode.com 3rd party signs applications. Actors are utilized to present this chance and it needs to be seen for amusement purposes. We don’t guarantee success or income, and example leads to the movie and anyplace else on this site don’t represent a sign of future achievement or earnings. ”

From the promotional movie, the Lexington Code applications is presented as some type of fresh hi-tech and revolutionary trading program. The fact is however it is just generic white tag software purchased off the shelf. Plus it isn’t even unique, we’ve observed exactly the exact same applications being used on some other binary choices robots specifically Prove My Gains, WikiTrader, and OneTouch.
Their purpose is to get for you to join with their affiliate agent and when you finance a trading accounts with stated agent, they will get a hefty commission.
This is why those robots are almost always free of cost; don’t be duped by Lexington Code’s claim that the program will eventually cost $3,500 and that you’re a privileged beta tester because of their public launch.
Obviously, though the robots are totally free to use and won’t charge you straight; because they get a commission when you join through them using their spouse agent, you’re still paying them .

Robots like the Lexington Code can additionally use affiliate marketing to market themselvesso be cautious when reading review websites which enthusiastically tout the advantages of these robots. More frequently than not, they also are expecting to make affiliate commissions and their testimonials should not be reliable.
They’re in most cases entirely untrue, and it wouldn’t be uncommon to come across many complaints from them for unsavory business practices.
In the event of the Lexington Code, the agent we had been redirected to from their own site was 72Option. 72Option is an entirely unregulated agent and additionally, there are numerous complaints . Zero surprise . Conclusion
The Lexington Code hasn’t found any type of brand new code and it’s exactly the exact same old binary choices robot firm model being replicated over and over again. Michael Lexington doesn’t exist, and you won’t be earning $500 to $5,000 per day risk free.